Sharon Pennington

"Dear Friends at The Salt Cave and Spa,
My daughters and I visited your spa last week and we had an amazing experience! Thank you so much! I never realized the health benefits of this type of spa. About a year and a half ago I acquired pneumonia and never fully recovered. I haven't been able to take a deep breath without having a wheeze in the base of my lung. When I visited The Salt Cave and Spa, I wasn't expecting to see any results from my first experience. However, for the first time in almost two years, I felt like I could breath more deeply and fully without wheezing. I couldn't believe it! Thank you so much for bringing this type of therapy to WV! I work in the medical field and I see so many patients with lung problems that could benefit from this treatment. I hope that you will consider expanding your business to the Charleston area."

Nancy Tuckwiller

"Carrie gave me a brief tour and I decided to purchase ten Halotherapy treatments,” says Tuckwiller. “ After only two treatments that week the swelling disappeared in my knee and after another three treatments the following week, my asthma started to disappear. I've visited The Salt Cave only 6 times with amazing results so far and look forward to experiencing many of their other offerings. It's my new sanctuary!”

J. Honaker

"Thank you Marius and Adriana for bringing The Salt Cave and Spa to our part of the country in Greenbrier County. The Salt/Halotherapy sessions are remarkable. If you have respiratory type problems and would like to treat them safely and inexpensively Salt/Halotherapy is the way to start. There are many other health benefits, also. My reason for going to The Salt Cave and Spa was for sinus problems. I started by going to sessions two times a week for four weeks then one time a week for six weeks. Now, I go for sessions as needed.
After four sessions, I noticed an increase in my energy level. Then, I noticed the soreness/inflammation in my fingers and hip joints went away. Also, the tenderness in the bottom of my foot left. After eight sessions, my sinus problems were cleared. I no longer take over-the-counter sinus medication. The benefits from the therapy sessions exceeded my expectations. Medicine has its place; but, I value not having to take it if there is another safe option. Give The Salt Cave and Spa a try. I do not think you will regret it. The care is second to none anywhere. Everyone is friendly and well informed. No one will try to sell you anything. It's your decision. They welcome you're visiting the cave and discussing the various therapies they provide. Again, thanks Adriana and Marius. Best wishes for a successful venture."