Salt Cave


How Salt/Halotherapy improves the respiratory system: According to The Salt Therapy Association, "Scientific research has found that inhaled dry salt particles have bactericide, mucokinetic, hydrophilic and anti-inflammatory properties, which may help to reduce inflammation in the entire respiratory tract and widen the airway passages. Dry salt particles are also known to accelerate the transportation of mucus, the elimination of residual tar and foreign allergens. A clean respiratory system naturally results in higher oxygen intake, increased energy and an improved immune system. Dry salt is super absorbent and acts like a sponge attracting foreign substances along its path through the respiratory tract. The dry salt can be imagined to behave like a toothbrush that cleans through the respiratory system removing build-up of foreign elements that cause various respiratory ailments and conditions. Clean lungs are healthy lungs. Start Halotherapy today!"

45m $20/person

Our Halotherapy sessions take place on the hour every hour for up to 13 guests.

If you would prefer a private session, they can be booked in advance for $240.

Guests with children 10 and under will need to schedule a family session. Family sessions take place at either the very first or very last session of the day. We recommend calling in advance for family and group reservations.



Available Sundays at 10:00am

Vinyasa/Kundalini Yoga.

45m $30/person (Up to 6 guests per class)

Enjoy Yoga classes in our Salt Cave! A beautiful ambiance and health promoting micro climate provides the ideal atmosphere for your Yoga practice! Immerse yourself in the healing environment of the Salt Cave by gently opening your body through yoga. These classes are designed to heighten all of our senses through deepening our breathing and gently moving our bodies through a dynamic relationship to the air, shape and textures of the Salt Cave. The 45 minute sessions are both restful and enlivening and students can expect to leave with a greatly enhanced sense of well-being.



*For a private session, please call us at 304-536-2222*


Available the first Friday every month.

80m $40/per person

Salt Therapy and Sound Healing are both ancient practices that many cultures have utilized for wellness. This event is a combining of these two powerful practices for our Salt + Sound sessions!

Halotherapy, or Salt Therapy, can help by clearing your lungs from accumulated mucus making it easier to breath. As your respiratory tract widens and clears, your coughing subsides. Halotherapy brings relief by reducing the inflammation of your lungs, killing bacteria and dislodging mucus that blocks the bronchioles. The Salt Cave and Spa is a gorgeous space with these healing salt rocks embedded into the structure itself, as well as throughout the space.
Sound Healing uses certain instruments that are known to have a particular effect on the mind and body, through their tones and overtones as well as the vibrations in the atmosphere that are producing those sounds. The sound healing experience offers a range of benefits, including calming the mind and body, relieving stress and tension, reduced pain, improved sleep, and more. Greg Burns of Metta Vibrations has been offering Sound Healing experiences for a number of years throughout the mid-Atlantic region.
After beginning with a brief guided relaxation, participants will simply be invited to lay back and experience the sounds while breathing the salt air. The harmonic sounds will fill the air for about an hour before concluding the session. A brief time to ground and reflect will be offered before departure.
Participants for this session will be provided a zero-gravity chair. Attendees are encouraged to either bring a blanket or perhaps wear a light jacket. Being the cave is underground it maintains a steady cool temperature. The Sound Bath experience can cause some to feel chilly at times during the session. Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably.
With any questions that are specific to the sound element feel free to contact Greg directly at Or visit his website at



25m $50

What to Expect During An Ion Cleanse Foot Detox Session

During a 30 minute treatment session both bare feet are placed in a tub of warm water. The main control unit converts AC electricity to low power DC electricity which flows through a patented electrode called an array that is set in front of the feet in the footbath. Ions are then created when the electricity and the metal combine to split a water molecule from H2O into H+ and OH- ions. These ions travel through the body, neutralize oppositely charged particles such as free radicals, and through powerful osmotic pressure pull those neutralized particles out of the body through whatever skin surface is in contact with the water.

As the particles leave the body, they will come together and accumulate in the water, thus causing the water in the footbath to change colors. Fat and mucous residues found in the water after the footbath reflect the neutralized wastes that have left the body during the treatment session.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*




For those in need of detoxification at the cellular level, nutritional guidance and overall emotional and physical balance, performed by our very own doctor of naturopathic medicine, Marius Grecu.


During the consultation expect to go over the current lifestyle to determine where changes may be necessary in order to achieve what is best for your body and mind. Guidance may be given not only in the form of dietary changes but also recommendations about nutritional supplements, medicinal plants, hydration, stretching, movement or breathing exercises as well as meditation. The emotional side is as important as the physical and to allow the body to heal itself, emotional blockages need to be addressed as well.

Programs and conditioning that we have accumulated in our lives are often the cause of limitations and stagnation physically and mentally.

The purpose of these changes is to achieve a state of harmony and balance between body, mind and soul.

Please allow apx one hour for the session. This is a customized session and in-depth conversation is necessary to determine where improvements need to happen.

The consultation is offered complementary for all who purchase a starter health package which is designed to give the body all the essentials nutrients necessary for cellular regeneration, optimize digestion for better assimilation and balance the microbiome. Other products may be recommended based on the individual needs.


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