Loyalty Rewards

Introducing Loyalty Rewards

Launching August 1, 2022

Get rewarded for being a valued guest with us at Pomona Salt Cave & Spa!

Beginning August 1st, sign up to our TreatCard program and start earning points immediately.

Earn 4 points for every dollar spent with us to redeem for free services later.

Earn an extra 100 points for your Birthday

Double rewards points if you rebook your next service on the same day

Special Events points offers every month

Your points never expire!


Point Redemption

"For what can I use all these points I have saved up?"

Loyalty Rewards points can be redeemed for:

  • Massages
  • Facials
  • Body Treatments
  • Foot Soaks
  • Halotherapy
  • Cafe drinks and meals
  • Retail

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy and it's 100% free!

You can sign up any time with one of our receptionists. All you need is your e-mail address and phone number -- It's that easy!

Once your sign-up is complete, you'll receive your Loyalty Rewards keychain card and a welcome packet that will tell you all about the rewards you can earn and the special offers that will be coming your way to earn even more points.

You'll start earning points right away! There's no waiting period and no limit to how many points you can earn. Spend $100 with us? You've earned 400 points already!

Best of all -- your points NEVER expire!

**Some exclusions apply, see Reception for details**

You owe yourself this moment