Body Treatments


~ Ion Foot Detox/Cleanse 30min-$40
~ Light Therapy 25min-$30

Enjoy all treatments lying comfortably on a Biomat, an infra-red heated bed of amethyst for extra stress-relief. Hot salt crystal therapy and a body mist of your choice are also used in every session to induce deeper relaxation and rejuvenation. You'll love the fresh scents of Hawaii and rich oils of our Organic Ola Spa Products. Ola means life or wellbeing in Hawaiian. Optimal health and beauty occurs when we are in balance with mind, body, heart and spirit. For more details on the Ola Spa Products Organic, Natural, Wildcrafted and Responsibly Sourced ingredients please check out our Ola Spa Products tab.

Body Exfoliation

        25min - $65        

choose from any of our sugar cane body polishes or natural sea salt scrubs. This treatment includes your choice of the following scents: Coconut, Passion Fruit, Plumeria, or Tuberose.


Ola Body Mask

        50min - $125        

Choose from any of the following body masks;

  • Ocean Sea Clay (highly active excellent for back facials and acne conditions)
  • Flower Infused Volcanic Clay (detoxifying and calming)
  • Papaya Enzyme with pineapple (highly active and exfoliating)
  • Taro Honey with banana and coconut milk (hydrating, moisturizing and conditioning)

Himalayan Exfoliation Treatment

        25min - $65        

Utilizing the amazing qualities of Himalayan salt infused with therapeutic essential oils to makes this a great treatment for exfoliating, remineralizing and soothing the body all in one.


Ola Pono Exfoliation

        25min - $65        

Natural Sea Salts are blended with ginger, lemongrass and turmeric. Infused with tropical oils to detoxify and cleanse the skin while centering the mind, body, heart and spirit.